KRISTI MUNROE:                                                                                          Kristi has been in the kitchen and bath design industry since 2001; however, design has been a lifelong passion. Kristi's primary strength is her amazing ability to make the best use of a space; she has an unparalleled passion for innovative strategies and space utilization. Her creativity illustrates her ability to adapt to her surroundings, customizing unique spaces for each client. With an architect's perspective and artist's eye, she ensures that her projects are equally functional and visually stunning. 


KAREN MOYER:                                                                                        Karen's kitchen design career was launched in 2004. She designed cabinetry for numerous homes in Summit County through 2012. In 2013 she became an NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD). Next she wanted to broaden her experience to the world of appliances, so she became the Trade Rep for the Colorado distributor of Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances from 2013-2016. Now she is returning to her true passion of kitchen design and bringing with her the experience she has gained along the way.